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Fabricated Y-Strainer Manufacturer

Wye Strainers

Companies in several industrial sectors need a fast, cost-effective mechanism for removing unwanted solids from liquid or gas lines. In many cases, the answer has been the Y-type strainers, also known as Wye Strainers. Hellan Fluid Systems, a leading manufacturer of filtering and straining solutions, is the source for fabricated wye strainers, a popular choice for numerous industries.

Y-Type Strainers

Y-Strainer Applications

Fabricated Y-Strainer Materials

Many industries moving liquids, gas, or steam need a way to mechanically remove particulates from their lines to prevent clogging or contamination in sensitive processing equipment such as pumps, meters, control valves, and regulators. For scenarios where a simplex arrangement is acceptable, Y-type strainers have become proven solutions, providing a cost-effective approach to remove unwanted material from product flows, particularly for smaller pipe sizes. Generally cheaper than T-strainers, the devices can be manually cleaned periodically during shutdown when the solids loading is relatively small. Still, when the amount of material to be removed is heavier, wye strainers may be outfitted with a blow-off connection that permits more frequent cleaning without removing it from the strainer body. 

Although frequently used in various liquid applications, Y-strainers are the industry choice for steam applications due to their design and ability to handle pressures up to 6170 PSIG and temperatures to 800°F. They’re used in numerous industries, including:

What Does Fabrication Provide?

A cast Y-strainer with a spacer flange creates extra joints for possible pipeline leaks, whereas a fabricated Y-strainer offers the means of providing an exact match.

Y-strainers can be designed to meet process application pressure drop requirements as well as non-typical inlet/outlet configurations

We can manufacture custom-fabricated Y-strainers to fit any combination of unique requirements:

  • Capable of pressures up to 3705 PSIG and temperatures up to 800°F
  • Numerous materials:
    • Bronze
    • Carbon steel
    • Chromoly
    • Ductile iron
    • Low-temp steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Other materials on request
  • Buttweld ends and RTJ or RF flanges are available as end connections under ASME 16.34 and 16.5
  • Numerous options, including:
    • Three flow configurations are available
    • Horizontal or vertical installations
    • Stainless steel perforated screens and thru-bolt covers are standard
    • Cover lifting lug standard on sizes 10” and larger
    • Oxygen cleaning
    • Internal/external coatings
    • NACE MRO10-75
    • Vent, drain, and differential pressure connections

Contact us today to learn more about our y-type strainers and other strainers such as T Strainers.

1 1/2″ManualIn-line141-BStaplesAndPfeiffer_141B1.pdf
2 1/2″ManualIn-line141-BStaplesAndPfeiffer_141B1.pdf
3 1/2″ManualIn-line141-BStaplesAndPfeiffer_141B1.pdf

Model 141-B

In-Line Flow, Bronze, ANSI Class 150 Flanged


Hellan Strainers are used in all industries that require the collection and removal of particulate from fluid systems.  Listed below, are just a few of the ways Hellan provides industrial solutions to the global market.

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Our Quality

Hellan Fluid Systems' self-cleaning fluid strainers are ISO9001 certified, meet all Navy Mil-Spec requirements, are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyd’s Register, are listed by Underwriters Laboratories and designed in accordance with API, ASME, and PED.

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