Industry Applications

Hellan Strainers are used in all industries that require the collection and removal of particulate from fluid systems.  Listed below, are just a few of the ways Hellan provides industrial solutions to the global market.


RNS0-120x90  Petrochemical   Hellan Strainers protect plant equipment (condensers, spray nozzles, heat exchangers, pumps, etc.), strain cooling tower water, remove polyethylene fines from process water and are used in deluge fire protection systems.  Put a Hellan strainer to work in your plant today and start protecting your vital equipment and process systems!
HoseReelX1000-120x90  Fire Protection  

Hellan offers both AFFF hose reels and strainers for deluge fire protection systems.  Fire can destroy an enterprise in a flash.  Don’t let it happen because of a clogged nozzle due to an unreliable strainer.  Filter your system with Hellan strainers so there is no doubt your fire protection will perform when needed.  All AFFF hose reels are designed and built to the latest military specifications.

42-15732142-120x90  Municipal  

Hellan Strainers are used in belt filter presses for protection of spray nozzles and in secondary effluent systems for protection of chlorinators, seal water, plant service and foam control.  Hellan Strainer’s patented self cleaning system reduces downtime and saves your company money.  See for yourself how Hellan Strainer can assist in your Wastewater, and Potable Water System!

shutterstock_26841334-120x90  Power Generation  

Hellan Strainers remove zebra mussels, sand, grit, small fish, etc., from lakes and rivers for protection of plant equipment.  Hellan strainers are used throughout the world in all types of power generation plants – hydro electric, gas, fossil and nuclear powered.  You can rely on system proven Hellan strainers that reduce maintenance cost.  Call us today.

apEthanol2-120x90  Ethanol  

Hellan Strainers are the “strainer of choice” in many ethanol plants throughout the United States.  Hellan strainers are commonly installed in the slurry process stream between the Cooker and the Fermenter.   Hellan strainers are proven to reduce labor and maintenance costs.  See for yourself!

BUS20057-120x90  Irrigation  

Hellan Strainers are used in irrigation systems, including golf courses, solar farms and agricultural environments by removing sediment, pipe rust and debris from lakes, rivers, holding ponds and storage tanks.  Call us today!

apSteel2-120x90  Iron & Steel  

Hellan Strainers are used throughout the world in iron and steel plants.  They are used in recirculating water, descaling water and cooling water for hot strip and plate mills, blast furnaces, open hearths and continuous castings mills.  They are built in the highest quality and help reduce plant maintenance and operational cost.  Put Hellan Strainer’s proven performance to work for you today!

CVN_69_070508-N-0490C-005-120x90  Military Sector  

Hellan Strainers are used on military ships throughout the world for seawater cooling of sonar, radar; close in weapons systems, and more.  Other marine applications include: Lube Oil Systems, Firemain Systems, Fuel Filtration systems.  Hellan strainers have been approved by the United States Navy as the “strainer of choice” for the fleet along with navies such as those in Australia, Canada, UK and others.  Put Hellan’s proven quality to work for you today!

apOffShore2-120x90  Marine / Offshore  

Hellan Strainers are used on cruise ships to protect stern tube shaft seals, on F.P.S.O (production vessels) to protect plate & frame heat exchangers and on military naval vessels to protect critical equipment such as  sonar, radar, close in weapons systems, and other critical equipment. Hellan strainers have become the “strainer of choice” in the marine industry in proven reliability, excellent quality and designed to reduce operational and maintenance costs.  Find out how Hellan can reduce your life cycle cost.