Oil & Gas Applications

Hellan Strainers protect plant equipment (condensers, spray nozzles, heat exchangers, pumps, etc.), strain cooling tower water, remove polyethylene fines from process water and are used in deluge fire protection systems.  Put a Hellan strainer to work in your plant today and start protecting your vital equipment and process systems!

Petroleum FPSO Application

Hellan Strainer provided a solution for an offshore petroleum customer who needed a compact strainer to protect plate heat exchangers on board an FPSO (Floating Production, Storage & Offload).  The customer had strict maintenance requirements to allow the strainer to be cleaned quickly and frequently and HMS (Hazardous Materials Safety) required that operators should avoid contact with the process.  Hellan Strainer was able to meet their needs, and provide a robust and reliable design for high temperature service (+160°C). 


Hellan Strainers are used in petroleum plants for the deluge fire protection system. 


Petrochemical Plant

Hellan Strainers are used in petroleum plants throughout the oil & gas industry.