Military Applications

Hellan Strainers are used on U.S. Navy ships for seawater cooling of sonar, radar, close in weapons systems and much more.  Other military and marine applications include Lube Oil Systems, Firemain Systems, and Fuel Filtration Systems.   Hellan Strainers have earned the trust of the entire United States Navy.  Put our proven quality to work for you!


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Hellan 3″ model 311 fuel service strainer on a US Navy ship. 


Hellan Strainer hose reel mounted in an Aircraft Carrier Fueling Station. 


Hellan manufactures a wide range of military/marine grade strainers and products in a wide range of sizes in both manual and automatic designs. 


Hellan Sea Chest Suction Strainer (12″ & 14″)  Commonly used in Amphibious, Combatants & Carrier Ship Classes, Filters Seawater with zero labor and minimal maintenance.