Offshore & Marine Applications

Hellan Strainers are used on cruise ships to protect stern tube shaft seals, on F.P.S.O (production vessels) to protect plate & frame heat exchangers and on military naval vessels to protect critical equipment such as  sonar, radar, close in weapons systems, and other critical equipment. Hellan strainers have become the “strainer of choice” in the marine industry in proven reliability, excellent quality and designed to reduce operational and maintenance costs.  Find out how Hellan can reduce your life cycle cost.



Off Shore
Hellan Strainers protect process equipment and systems on offshore rigs and FPSO (Floating Production Storage & Offload) vessels. They are also used in fire water deluge systems on offshore rigs and vessels throughout the world. Their self-cleaning systems provide reliability that can be counted on in harsh seawater environments. 


Hellan Strainers are used on F.P.S.O, Production Vessels and U.S. Navy ships for seawater cooling of sonar, radar, close in weapons systems, and more. Other marine applications include:  Lube Oil Systems, Firemain Systems, Fuel Filtration SystemsHellan Strainers have earned the trust of the whole United States Navy. Proven reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance as well as the commitment of the entire Hellan Strainer team have earned this trust and confidence.