Ethanol Applications


Hellan Strainers are the “strainer of choice” in many ethanol plants throughout the United States.  Hellan strainers are commonly installed in the slurry process stream between the Cooker and the Fermenter.   Hellan strainers are proven to reduce labor and maintenance costs.  See for yourself!


Ethanol-02-400x250 spacer-20x20 spacer-20x20 Ethanol-01-400x250 spacer-20x20
Hellan Strainers are used to capture corn slurry from caustic
solution during cleaning of the slurry tank.
Ethanol plants in the United States, depending on
flow,use a Hellan 6”, 8” or 10” motorized strainer
downstream of the slurry tank or “licking”
system.These strainers are used to protect equipment
downstream such as plate & frame heat exchangers.