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Suction Diffusers

Control System Suction Diffusers

Suction Diffusers

To protect expensive fluid circulation equipment, industrial companies frequently install strainers on the intake side of pumps. However, many pumps are still at risk due to the turbulent flow related to the inlet side. Combine the benefits of efficient straining and effective flow conditions through suction diffusers from Hellan Fluid Systems, a leading manufacturer of suction diffusers and related technologies to numerous industries.

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Control System Suction Diffusers

When bringing locally sourced water into a circulation or cooling system, there is always a risk of introducing some quantity of foreign particulates. To get around this, strainer technology is mounted on the inlet side of the pump to prevent contaminants from entering. 

But when water enters into a pump directly from an elbow or short reducer, it can also start a swirling action that can have severe effects on the pump itself, wearing out seals faster and creating high imbalance within the pump itself. One way around this is to install a length of straight pipe going into the pump, but depending on the environment or application, available space may be at a premium. 

A suction diffuser solves both of these problems. The unit uses strainer technology to capture particulates before they enter the inlet, and also contains straightening vanes that prevents the swirling effect of water at the inlet, removing turbulence and protecting seals from wearing out quickly without the need for an additional length of straight pipe. 



Hellan Fluid Systems, a leading provider of control system suction diffusers, has combined its industry-leading industrial strainer technology across its line of suction diffusers. Working with carbon steel, stainless steel, and other materials on request, we manufacture suction diffusers in a wide range of dimensions, with a range of custom options available to fit your unique requirements:

  • Filtration down to 40 microns
  • Pressures to 740 PSIG
  • Temperatures to 800°F
  • Vent and/or differential pressure connections
  • Hinged or quick opening/operator-assisted covers
  • Units manufactured to sizes and designs specified by client
  • Data packages and MTRs available on request
  • Standard, undersized or oversized outlet connections
  • One, three or five pipe diameters of flow straightening


  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Other Materials Upon Request

End Connections

  • Flat Faced
  • Raised Face
  • Buttweld



  • Fabricated - Custom sized to meet requirements

Our suction diffusers are manufactured to the highest standards and ratings in the industry:

  • ASME Class 150
  • ASME Class 300
  • Welders certified to ASME Section IX
  • ASME “U” stamped vessels available on request

With more than 75 years of experience, we can produce the suction diffusers to fit your specific requirements. 

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Hellan Strainers are used in all industries that require the collection and removal of particulate from fluid systems.  Listed below, are just a few of the ways Hellan provides industrial solutions to the global market.

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