Maritime Sales Offices

Hellan Strainer Company

3249 East 80th Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44104
P: 888-4-HELLAN
F: 216-206-4242

Pete Will
P: (216) 206-4202
P: (216) 310-9147 cell

Federal Resources Supply Co.

East Coast (Headquarters)

Federal Resources Supply Co.
235-G Log Canoe Circle
Stevensville, MD 21666
P: 800.892.1099
F: 410.643.7701

David Carey
Director of Sales and Business Development, Navy Fleet
P: 410.443.6998
P: 410.630.8481

Nick Heil
Business Development – Navy Fleet
P: 410.630.8437
P: 443.786.4914

Sean Cummings
Sr Contract Administrator
P: 410.630.8455

Federal Resources Supply Co.

West Coast

Federal Resources Supply Co.
7020 Alamitos Ave
San Diego, CA 92154

Lorenzo Calderon
West Coast Sales Representative- NAVY Fleet
P: 619.630.6115