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Cooling & Filtration Skids

Cooling & Filtration Skid Systems

For industrial applications involving water cooling, such as cooling tower systems and process cooling skids, water filtration is an absolute requirement. Many of these systems use locally procured water from any number of sources, including lakes and rivers, and water with high quantities of particulates can be both difficult to cool and can clog the tubing of the system. 

Don’t use a substandard cooling system for your operation. Hellan Fluid Systems is a leading manufacturer of industrial process cooling & filtration spare skid systems. With our skid-mounted water filters, we can provide a custom-built solution that will increase uptime, reduce the amount of water needed to keep your operation running, lower maintenance costs, and extend the life of your equipment.

Chilled Water Skids

A number of industries – such as power generation, pharmaceuticals, data centers, oil & gas, hospitals, industrial and cement manufacturing – have need for cooling skid systems that can be quite extensive, and failure to keep equipment operating within specific temperature ranges can be costly or even disastrous. Dedicated cooling skid systems are generally used to provide the temperature adjustment needed, but ongoing purification of the water used in these systems is a constant priority.

  • Water carrying too many solid impurities can cause clogging within the system.
  • Contaminated water can reduce the chiller’s overall effectiveness.
  • The system itself can be prone to corrosion and contamination through normal use.

The answer: prefabricated chilled water skids from Hellan Strainer. Our prefabricated water filtration skid systems offer a number of advantages to companies in the construction phase of a project:

  • Faster, safer and cleaner project: Because the cooling skids systems are built offsite, it can be manufactured in parallel with the main project. Since the skid is shipped in as a piece of equipment rather than built onsite, union labor costs are minimized.  And providing a prefabricated skid reduces on-site waste and accommodations, making for a cleaner job site.
  • Scheduling is simplified: The offsite production of your cooling skid makes timeline forecasting easier and reduces weather-related delays.
  • Reduced on-site change orders: Since the skid is manufactured offsite in a controlled environment, we can ensure it’s ready for installation when it arrives at the job site. And since it’s a self-contained unit manufactured by Hellan Fluid Systems, you’ll have a single team investigating any issues that may arise.

Hellan Fluid Systems has integrated its field-tested, proven industrial water filtration skids systems technology across its line of process cooling skids and systems. Working with carbon steel, copper-nickel, duplex stainless steels, and more, we offer a range of cooling systems, including air-cooled, water-cooled, adiabatic, and dry air systems, with a range of custom options available to fit your unique requirements:

  • Low noise
  • Compressors
  • Optimum freecooling
  • High- and low-temperature water configurations
  • Refrigerant choices
  • Fixed speed, variable speed drive and electronically commutated fans, with ability to reverse fans for cleaning client-specific wiring
  • Variety of coil, fin and frame materials

Our cooling and filtration skid systems are manufactured to the strictest standards in the industry.

  • ISO9001 certified
  • Meet all U.S. Navy Mil-Spec requirements
  • Approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyd’s Register
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Designed in accordance with API, ASME and PED

With more than 75 years of experience, we can produce off-the-shelf cooling and filtration skid systems to fit your specific requirements. 

Contact us today to learn more about our skid mounted water filters and how we can help assist your company or request a quote!


Hellan Strainers are used in all industries that require the collection and removal of particulate from fluid systems.  Listed below, are just a few of the ways Hellan provides industrial solutions to the global market.

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Hellan Fluid Systems' self-cleaning fluid strainers are ISO9001 certified, meet all Navy Mil-Spec requirements, are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyd’s Register, are listed by Underwriters Laboratories and designed in accordance with API, ASME, and PED.

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