The Hellan Strainer Company


Company Profile

The Hellan Strainer’s unique, patented, self-cleaning design was named after a Norwegian inventor, Haakon Hellan.

In 1963, Cleveland Gear Company, Inc. purchased the design and incorporated its own worm gear speed reducers to create a motorized strainer model. The complete Hellan Strainer line manufactured by Cleveland Gear Company, Inc. became a part of the Vesper family in 1980.

In 2000, Hellan was made a subsidiary of Vesper Corporation as The Hellan Strainer Company.

Hellan expanded their product offerings of hose reels in 2003 and Staples & Pfeiffer strainers in 2009.

Today Hellan is one of many subsidiaries of Industrial Manufacturing Company (previously Vesper) that produce a wide variety of innovative products for industry

Hellan Strainers are ISO9001 certified, meet all Navy Mil-Spec requirements, are approved by the American Bureau of Shipping and Lloyd’s Register, listed by Underwriters Laboratories and designed in accordance with API, ASME and PED.


Hellan Strainers remove all types of solids (such as algae, zebra mussels, sand, grit, debris, machine cutting chips, etc.) from various fluids. They are extremely popular due to their reliability, efficient operation and cost savings. Instead of trapping solids like conventional basket strainers (which necessitate frequent basket removal for cleaning), the Hellan Strainer discharges solids from the flow without disassembly. This reduces operational and maintenance costs and permits continuous flow of fluids.


Hellan Strainers are cast in sizes from 1 1/2″ to 20″ and fabricated in larger sizes. The nature of the fluid to be strained determines the material of the casting. Cast iron models are most common for fresh water applications. Cast steel can be used for higher pressure or where water hammer occurs. Stainless steel is used for highly corrosive fluids and bronze is used for seawater applications. Since the degree of straining required differs widely by application, a broad selection of perforated metal screen sizes are offered, as well as screens utilizing fine wedgewire filtration.

Markets Served

Hellan strainers are uses in the steel, petrochemical and power generation industries for protection of cooling systems and other applications. They are also used in fresh water, waste water and fire protection systems in both industrial and commercial buildings, refineries and offshore oil rigs. The Navy has selected the Hellan Strainer design as their “strainer of choice” for seawater cooling protection of critical electronic equipment, fire protection systems, and filtration of lube oil and propulsion fuel systems for all support and combat ships. These include carriers, cruisers, destroyers, tenders, plus the next generation of ship designs which will be delivered well into the 21st century.

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