NSF 61 Certified

The Hellan Strainer Company is Certified NSF 61

The Hellan Strainer Company, Cleveland Ohio, is pleased to announce they have been certified for NSF 61.  This sanitary certification covers pipe lines sizes of 4” through 30” of their product line.  This certification will allow Hellan to penetrate new markets which includes the potable drinking water market.


NSFNSF Mark The NSF mark assures consumers, retailers and regulators that products have been rigorously tested to comply with all standard requirements.


C0316865 CertificateStandard 61Standard 372
C0316866 Certificate


About Hellan Strainer Company

Hellan Strainer Company manufactures self-cleaning strainers in pipe sizes of 1.5” through 30”.   Hellan Strainer specializes in removal of debris, algae, zebra mussels, sea weed, and jelly fish in lakes, rivers, and streams.

NSF 61 adds to the long list of certifications, approvals and standards such as ABS, ASME, CE, UL, and ISO-9001 to name just a few.

The unique patented design of the Hellan strainer allows the strainer to be cleaned in 15 seconds.  This is a fraction of the time required to clean a simplex or duplex type strainer.  The Hellan strainer does not require to be disassembled for cleaning which reduces maintenance time and protects the operator from harmful debris.

Hellan strainers are the “strainer of choice” for steel mills, ethanol plants, power generation plants, municipal, offshore rigs, fire protection, marine and many other markets.

For your filtration solution, please contact the sales department at 1-800-4-HELLAN or email strainersales@hellanstrainer.com.