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Type AA Strainer Angled Flow Body, Single Motorized Screen


Available in 3″ model only.  Providing hands-free operation, Type AA strainers employ a single, electric motor-driven rotating screen and a rigid scraper bar to remove solids from the surface of the screen when rotated. A solids collecting sump is also provided. Cleaning of the Type AA is initiated when the motor and the flush valve operator are actuated.

The cleaning cycle must be performed while the strainer is under positive pressure.  Type “AA” strainers are preferably installed in the vertical down-flow position as illustrated.

All Type “AA” strainers are shipped with Raised Face, ANSI B16.5 Class 150 Flanged Connections.

Size Operation Flow Type Outline Drawing
3″ Automatic Angled AA PDF

Hellan Type AA Strainers are typically installed in systems that contain low-amounts of particulate.

Recommended for high-viscosity fluids such as salt-water and fuel systems.

Allowable PSI ranges are 0-150 PSIG.

Common industry applications:

Iron & Steel Mills
Recirculating Systems, Descaling Systems, Cooling Systems, learn more
Lube Oil Systems, Fireman Systems, Fuel Filtration Systems, learn more
Used to remove scale from quenching water in heat treating processes, learn more

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Use Part number: DHxx-xx-x

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